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Artisan cold process soap and bath luxuries. Crafted with care to stimulate all your senses.

We     Color!

We strive to make every soap we create a work of art. We use scent and color to engage all your senses.

We    Color!
We    Scent!

We love the way scent can transport you into so many memories. This is why we use both Essential Oils and Paraben & Phthalate-free  fragrance oils. At least until the day they figure out how to make Cotton Candy Essential Oil!

We     Scent!




Cold Process Soap


Lip Scrubs & Balm

White Cream

Hand & Body Lotion


Sugar & Shea Scrubs

Pink and Salty

Bath Milk &

Herbs and Spices

Face Masks

Enjoy our carefully curated lineup of scents
Try Our


Stick with an old favorite or spice it up with with a new delight. You won't be disappointed.

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Are you in love with what you chose? Need to brag about how amazing your skin feels? Connect with us @to.bathe and tag us in your pics #to.bathe . Follow us to see what we are creating and be the first to hear where we will be next!

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