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botanical soap with rose petals
geometric soap
black soap with rainbow colors

About Us

  My name is Charity, and I am the creator of :to bathe. I have

been creative since birth and have always had my hand in one thing or another. I have always had too many hobbies and not enough time! I noticed a spike in my creative thoughts after I had my first child. Of course, this correlated "perfectly" with the elimination of almost any and all free time. During this creative spurt, I took up photography; practicing on the best subject around, my new baby. I have a bit of an obsessive personality and it became a hobby that I loved and strove to perfect.

  Eventually, I became pregnant again and had a beautiful baby boy. Fast forward a month and I could deny my creative juices no more! I had been filling any quiet time by reading and researching soap making. Thus, my obsession was born! I started by creating and perfecting my soap recipe, reading and researching how to make it better, slowing stocking my supplies. I now feel that I have created the perfect, conditioning, non-drying soap that I offer in my store.

On my journey, I have slowly filled the curing time with researching and creating many other bath and body items that you can find here too.

  I am a woman who never thought she would have the opportunity to do something she loved. The only reason I can do this is because of the amazing people who believe in me and my product. So, I give the biggest, warmest thank you to everyone who has purchased or will purchase from me, for those that respond to my pictures and posts on social media. You give me such joy with every click.




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