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If this is your first stop at :to bathe, welcome and bear with me as this is my first blog post with many more to come! :to bathe was created out of a desire to have a creative outlet that would also let me explore my love of scent and color.

Cold process artisan soap
A bright soap inspired by pottery

Scent can be such a powerful memory inducing element and I wanted to really explore that with the use of creative scent blends. Little did I know that every hobby comes with its own "ingredient" that becomes addictive and fragrance is definitely that! I feel that I cannot possibly have enough scents to offer to everyone so I keep collecting...and collecting....and really never ends!

With every new scent addition comes the need to match it with colors and designs that fit the "mood" of the scent. Stormy, salty sea blends need blues, aquas, whites and some sand elements. In bright citrus I see oranges, yellows and hot pinks. This creative process is my favourite part. Every creator is inspired by so many things they see in any given day and this is no different with a soaper. I see beautiful smoothie bowls with there purple acai fruit and chia seed yogurt and I immediately think of how I can translate that to a soap.

Strawberry cold process soap
This strawberry soap was inspired by a glass of blended fruit!

I hope to use this blog to explain my inspiration to you, highlight my amazing ingredients and explain my products more in depth!

Thank you so much for stopping by!



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